18 maio 2006

Os brasileiros vistos pelos gringos

O John me mandou isso e achei bem engracada a maneira que os gringos veem nos brasileiros. Leiam isso, vejam que interessante:

General Outlook of the People

Brazilians are friendly, warm, and happy people. Above all they are free-spirited and resent being told what to do. Brazilians are gregarious, outgoing, and love to be around people. The hot climate allows them to spend a great deal of time outdoors, often just chatting with friends or watching people. Women should be aware that it is common for Brazilian men to stare at them or make comments as they walk by; women should not respond in any way to such actions. Brazilians can be very opinionated, and the vigor with which they argue for their convictions often leads foreigners to believe that they are angry. Visitors should not be offended by such behavior. Brazilians tend to view time more as a sequence of events rather than hours, minutes, and seconds. For this reason they may appear to have an extremely casual attitude about time.

2 comentários:

Marcelo Dutra disse...

Oi Igor
Interessante este ponto de vista dos estrangeiros em relação aos brasileiros.
Olha, não tenho teu e-mail. Pode mandar prá mim?
Abraços...tio Marcelo

Anônimo disse...


Realmente esta é uma visão interessante sobre nós brasileiros.
Você acha que é uma visão comum dos europeus ou e especifica do Reino Unido?